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Flamenco Zambra is conducted by Tomas Sanchez and is an example of who we really are. We spread the teachings and Flamenco techniques not only through our shows but through our classes which become a meeting point for Flamenco lovers.

Folklore has always been present in the everyday lives of Andalusian people. This folklore resulting from the collective memory, expresses itself in movement and language: the Flamenco singing and dancing.

Through Flamenco, traditional and popular poetry has been kept alive, allowing Andalucia to be the last place in Europe where this sang and danced literature has become monumental.

The world of Flamenco and dance in general is very attractive but complex at the same time. To create something new from that existing art, without forgeting the rules, the traditions, the roots, means innovation, and giving it our own hallmark.

With the latest show “De Mozart al sur”, Ballet Zambra shows us all these Flamenco elements through its choreography, its wardrobe, the music, and the staging.